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Here at NMCBS we offer medical credentialing and billing services to meet the needs of medical providers nationwide while promoting and sharing information that instigate, and motivate providers to achieve success in their practice. 

Our relationships with the medical providers are interpersonal, energetic and professional. We offer a fresh approach by incorporating current trends and past successes while keeping the mission at the forefront by focusing on your credentialing and billing needs. 

Our philosophy is simply to: “Assist those who Assist Others.”

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We are able to utilize your current billing system so that clients can have access to reports and data when needed. We provide your facility/practice with:

  •  Superior billing and collection capabilities by integrating coding,
  •  AR mgmt, follow-up with carriers for faster reimbursements
  •  Claims submission (Paper & Electronic) appeals, 
  •  Denials, 835, 997, 277, 835 review & submission,
  •  Insurance  Verification & Authorization 
  • Payment Posting


Our expertise is managing the application process for individuals and group practices that will help you to broaden your reach. Physician credentialing is a crucial part of your revenue cycle in which our team will manage the credentialing process from beginning to end so that your applications, contracts and credentialing flow smoothly from start to finish. Let us save you time, money and aggravation of paperwork.  

There are different regulations for each state that must be follow and we are educated, equipped and capable of making sure all guidelines are lined-up and followed. 

NMCBS Other services that we assist with credentialing are:

  •  800 Aging Wavier, 
  •  ASAP, CCSP, Source Wavier,
  •  New Practice setup, 
  • Adding provider to a practice,
  • CAQH Registration is FREE as a courtesy ,
  •  The Joint Commission Medicare Re validation 
  •  Individual Medicare Enrollment NPI Registration
  •  LOI /Letter of Interests W Comp  Credentialing Managed Care,
  •   Government Payer Credentialing, Commercial Insurance, Medicare and Medicaid Provider Enrollment and Credentialing. 

NMCBS Vision:



Nationwide Medical Credentialing and Billing Services is to continue to build our presence as a recognized medical billing and credentialing services that is superior in innovation, customer service and quality. We strive to maintain customer loyalty as we continue to build our customer base. Our vision will be accomplished by offering the most advanced products and services to manage a medical office in the most cost-effective manner. 

Our office is based in beautiful St Petersburg, FL. Our service area includes all states.

Our Medical Billing Service Fee


  •     We charge 9% of what get paid from your billing claim.   You will be reimbursed first, and once a month we will invoice you for the 9% of what you are reimbursed from the insurance companies .


  •  (Payment will be automatically pulled from your account on the 3rd working day of the month) 

Our Credentialing Services Fee


The costs for credentialing services may vary from company to company; however, most companies follow the same basic pricing guidelines. 

The credentialing prices are averaged based on the package. 

  • The Credentialing packages average $700 per private /managed care plan per provider and $1500.00 per all Medicare /advantage plans, Tricare, Veterans, Worker Comp, Medicaid Waivers etc. 

“We believe in building lasting and strong business relationships with our clients. Not all Insurance is available in your state. Verification of state insurance regulatory are verify before the process begin and to ensure the panel is open for provider enrollment.”

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You care for your patients. We care for your practice.

Nationwide Medical Credentialing & Billing Services